Publisher Services

How can Involved help your publication?


Involved works with a range of highly respected publishers within the following categories:

· Nonprofit and Philanthropy
· Social Work
· Public Health and Public Administration
· Education
· Social Justice

We are always on the lookout for publishers with sites reaching over 100,000 uniques a month and serving any of the above area and other categories including Nursing, Politics, Business, and Law/Legal.

Monetize Assets
Generate Earned Revenue
Grow your Subscriber Base

Publisher Services

We help publishers and nonprofits create and manage their sponsorship program from scratch, or help fine tune and increase revenue for publishers with existing programs.

  • Publisher Consulting
  • Create and grow advertising/sponsorship revenue programs
  • Identify target audiences and demographics
  • Implement advertising/sponsorship programs and marketing best practices
  • Manage and grow email/newsletter subscriptions
  • Content partnerships
  • Ad operations
  • Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

Each publisher and nonprofit organization is unique. Involved provides customized services based on each organization’s needs.